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We do not believe in solving several hundreds of problems in order to be really good at Data Structures, Algorithms, Low Level Design, System Design, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing and Frontend Engineering. This approach is neither scalable nor effective. We take a different approach. Our contents help you understand the heart of the concepts and their advanced applications so well that you get naturally better at identifying problems that could be solved using the concepts you have learned. We strongly believe in the principle: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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We have brought under one platform everything you need to learn to strengthen your Core Computer Science knowledge, Engineering Fundamentals, Data Structures, Algorithms, Low Level Design, System Design, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing and Frontend Engineering skill, and gain solid technical and leadership skill and succeed in your Software Engineering career. What sets us apart is that we neither hire content writers to curate our content, nor our contents are crowd-sourced . All our contents are of the highest quality and are written by our founder Abhishek Dey himself leveraging his years of experience of building real-world internet-scale distributed systems. We teach you how to write state-of-the-art production ready code adhering to the software engineering best practices. Our focus is always long-term. We focus on making you a true problem solver, so that you don't have to cram for your technical interviews.

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Why is the site named "The Algorists" ?

An Algorist is someone who is skilled in algorithms designing, logic and problem solving. The Algorists is a community for aspiring algorists like you. Our goal is to build a helpful community of The Algorists where everyone helps each other to grow. Join us early in our journey to make this world a better place and empower each other to achieve more.

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