What sets an innovator apart from all others is his/her ability to apply simple knowledge to build something Big. This is exactly what the theme of this years The Algorists' Big Idea Coding Competition is based on. Showcase how your young mind can make use of concepts you have learned to build something cool. For this years' coding competition we would focus on the innovative real-world applications of common Algorithms and Data Structures that you learn as part of your curriculum.

The Algorists' Big Idea Coding Competition is a Career Development Event. It is geared towards giving you a platform to showcase your creativity, critical thinking and technical skills to your future employers and to the world. So what's your Big Idea?

Eligibility to participate:

  • Anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible to participate in this coding competition unless your local law prohibits. The competition is open to both students and professionals.


Build a real-world project by identifying one or more real-world applications of well-known algorithms and data structures. All kinds of projects would be accepted: game development projects, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, console apps, hardware projects.

Common algorithms and data structures are those which are commonly found in textbooks like "CLRS" ("Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein). If you need inspiration about some commonly used data structures and algorithms, visit https://www.thealgorists.com/Algo.


You would need to submit below deliverables:

  • GitHub Link: (required)
    You would need to upload the source code of your project on GitHub and share the link with us.

  • Project Report: (required)
    Submit a PDF document detailing everything about your project: technical as well as non-technical aspects. You would need to share a link with us from where we could download your project report. If you have gone extra mile and have actually launched your project, for example: live website, published app on Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store and so on, please do not forget to give details about those as well. Highlight all the useful features you have built and how you have leveraged well-known algorithms and data structures.

  • Video File: (optional, but highly recommended):
    Create a video giving a detailed demo of your project end-to-end. If your project is selected by our judges, this video would be featured in our YouTube channel, so give your best effort to create an amazing video. The video should have clear mention of all contributors.

How to submit your deliverables ?

Send links to all your downloadable deliverables to bigidea@thealgorists.com.
Also post the links on our LinkedIn group for others to take a look. This is your opportunity to show your creativity to the whole world.

Important Dates:

  • Registration:
    Registration for The Algorists' Big Idea Coding Competition opens on August 1, 2021.

  • Submission of the First Iteration of your Project:
    Post links to the deliverables of the first iteration of your project on our LinkedIn group by October 31, 2021. This is not the final version of your project, this would be a work-in-progress first checkpoint.
    Posting your first checkpoint on our LinkedIn group is important because after you post you might get comments on how to improve it. We would assess your customer obsession quality by evaluating how constructively you have taken any comments, feedback or suggestions for improving user experience and what actions you have taken to improve your end product based on those comments. This is a big focus for our career development coding competition since customer obsession is one of the most important quality employers look for in their potential interns and full time employees.

  • Deadline for Final Submission:
    Submission of your final project deliverables is due on December 31, 2021.

  • Result:
    We will announce the winners here on this page and on our LinkedIn page by January 31, 2022. We would also communicate to the team members of all the top projects by email.


Prizes for top projects:
  • 1st Prize: $500
  • 2nd Prize: $200
  • 3rd Prize: $100
  • More prizes will be added before our registration opens, as we talk to our sponsors and finalize sponsorships.

Other Recognitions:

The below recognitions apply to top 3 projects as well as other top projects as determined by our judges:
  • Top 50 projects would be featured in our website.
  • Team members of top 20 projects would be invited to deliver Tech Talks on our YouTube platform and discuss their project in more details.
  • All top projects would be featured on our YouTube channel and the team members would be given the opportunity to participate in our Student Partner Program.


Have a question ? Email to bigidea@thealgorists.com.