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Minesweeper is a single-player computer game where an N x N square matrix has certain number of mines, i.e, bombs, hidden across the board. The remaining cells are either blank or have a number behind them. The numbers represent the number of bombs hidden in the surrounding eight cells. If the cell is blank, all adjacent blank cells (up to and including the surrounding numeric cells) would be exposed.

The player wins when all non-bomb cells are exposed. The game also allows the player to flag certain cells as potential bombs. Flagging does not affect the game other than just to block the cells from accidentally getting clicked.

Below is This is a fully exposed board with 3 bombs. This is not shown to the user. The objective of the player is to discover this.

The player initially sees a board with nothing exposed like below.

Clicking on cell (row= 1, col= 0) would expose this:

The user wins when everything other than bombs has been exposed.

How would you go about designing the game ?


Object Oriented Design:

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Low Level Implementation:

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